26 November 2013

tag tuesday

The very shadow of the ambitious is merely the shadow of a dream .  -William Shakespeare

25 November 2013

just hangin'

The uniformity of earth's life, more astonishing than its diversity, is accountable by the high probability that we derived, originally, from some single cell, fertilized in a bolt of lightning as the earth cooled.
- Lewis Thomas (November 25, 1913 – December 3, 1993), physician, poet, educator 

For a few months I've been thinking about shaking things up a bit on the Snap.  Maybe you will notice some changes, maybe you won't.....

22 November 2013

skywatch friday

I have the sneaking suspicion that snaps will be scarce until we see the new year ring in! 

 This morning here on the north coast the sky is completely grey,  perhaps as the day progresses we will see a bit of blue.  The forecast is for cloudy with a little rain. Tempertures are to plunge over the weekend  and maybe some snow on Saturday and Sunday.

Happy Skywatch Friday.  

To see photos of the sky around the world, visit here.