30 September 2008


I walk by the Nationality Broadcasting Network facility which is located in the Birdtown section of Lakewood. Unfortunately the only thing I could find out by googling the company name was this:

Nationality Broadcasting Network
11906 Madison Ave, Lakewood, OH 44107-5027
p: (216) 221 0331
Website - None Supplied

I guess next time I'll have to pop in and see what's up.... any theories out there

29 September 2008

26 September 2008

rta mural

A RTA mural is located across 117th Street from the RTA red line station.

25 September 2008

theme day - train

The Cleveland RTA red line train services Lakewood. The 117th Street station was recently renovated and is situated on the boundary of Cleveland and Lakewood. When I travel east I pick up the train either at the 117th Street station or the Triskett Station which also is situated on the boundary of Cleveland and Lakewood at approximately 137th Street.

23 September 2008


When I was a little girl I often spent the summer at my grandmother's house in Pennsylvania. I have fond memories of going with her once a week to play bingo. I wonder what bingo at St. Gregory's Hall is like - I think someTuesday or Wednesday I'll have to check it out the action. Unfortunately the sign doesn't tell us what time to show up!

21 September 2008

church doors XII

Lakewood Chapel is located at 2150 Warren Road at the corner of Warren and Alger Roads. This is an evangelical church and part of the "Ministries of Kingdom Culture" - they have a website which explains what happens at their worship services, the activities that take place at the Lakewood Chapel, etc. The website states that the Lakewood Chapel has been in Lakewood for twenty years, however, he building that Lakewood Chapel is now in was a different type of church when I first moved to town.

This building has held at least two other churches - including the First United Church of Christ, and before that it was the home to the First Evangelical & Reform Church of Lakewood. It is uncommon to see church buildings use change - building can change congregations or even go from being a house of worship to used for something completely different. Earlier this summer I visited a woman in upstate New York who had converted an old church building into her private home and studio.

20 September 2008

yard shrine

It appears that the Mary statue is also keeping watch from inside the house.

19 September 2008

being informed

Does wet primer act different than wet paint? hmmmm.....

It seems as if people in my town really like to be precise! I hope the doctor's appointment went okay - I looked for another sign the next day when I was walking by, but nothing was up. I guess I should have dropped in and asked.

18 September 2008

theme day: windows

One of my favorite activities while I taking a walk is to be on the lookout for animals. I like watching both 'wild' animals (can we really call a squirrel or a chipmunk wild?) and animals that we turn into pets. In the later category of animals we can find cats and dogs often sitting in windows, hanging out on a house's porch, orwaiting patiently outside a shop while their human is inside taking care of business.

This cat is an apartment cat and her human has set up a nice arrangement for her by placing a birdfeeder at the window. The cats that live at my house love to sit in the windows and watch the world go by, but they have to satisfy their birdwatching to the feeder in the yard or when birds fly by or choose to visit them. For some reason there are some neighborhood sparrows that like to come up and peck at the second floor windows while a cat is sitting in it. It is most perplexing.

17 September 2008

detroit avenue bridge

I have only lived in Lakewood for three years so I never saw the original bridge that went over the Rocky River. The Detroit Avenue Bridge connects Lakewood with Rocky River. However, according to this marker on the current bridge it sounds as if it was a real beauty. Unfortunately, I can't find a photo of the old bridge, I'm sure there's one out there. I'll keep looking and when I find a photo I'll make sure to post it.

This bridge is very well traveled with car, foot, and bike traffic. I like walking across the bridge for it has a lovely view. Because of safety issues the bridge has a high wire fence erected which makes it problematic to take a decent photograph of the view of the river and marina below from the bridge. But to the right you can see the view looking north just past the last bridge is Lake Erie.

By the way today is post number 100! But who is counting?

16 September 2008

river view

On the western boundary of Lakewood lies the Rocky River. The Rocky River is a relatively short river and touches the cities of Cleveland, Lakewood, and Rocky River (the town). Running along one boundary to the river valley in Lakewood is Riverside Drive. Riverside Drive is primarily the home to many single houses, a few double homes and a handful of apartment houses like this stately one. I expect the upper floors have views, views, views! maybe the first floor apartments have a nice view too.

I like the architectural details on this apartment building, particularly the head of a hawk which is adorning the top corner!

15 September 2008

whipping winds

The mice were off on a bit of a weekend jaunt and we would like to apologize for our absence and lack of posts over the weekend.

Soon after returning to Lakewood yesterday afternoon a significant storm front came to town which caused significant damage to trees (and I would expect homes and cars). When trees come down power lines often follow and many people were without electricity. Our street was without electricity for many hours.

I have to applaud the quick response and action of the Lakewood Fire Department. Just minutes after the top of a tree came down blocking the street the fire department was on the scene. The street was soon filled with members of the fire department working on clearing the debris and neighbors visiting and watching the fire department at work.

12 September 2008

evening light

A row of typical Lakewood two-family homes along Athens Avenue.

11 September 2008

theme day: key

Hobby Keyworks is one of two locksmiths operating in Lakewood. Hobby Keyworks is located at 2007 Carabel Avenue - the phone number is 216.226.5835.

10 September 2008

coffee & so much more!

Phoenix Coffee is a locally owned company with a few thriving coffeeshops/cafes in the greater Cleveland area. The Lakewood establishment is very popular as a community gathering spot, in fact I've noticed that soon the shop will be moving at a larger location (two storefronts away from it's present location at 15108 Detroit Avenue) and along with serving up a mighty fine cup of coffee (and hosting local music) it will be expanding to offer food!

09 September 2008

school days

Lakewood High School 14100 Franklin Boulevard - attached to LHS is the Lakewood Civic Auditorium. Over the entrance to the auditorium is the sculpture entitled Early Settler by Viktor Schreckengost. In 1954 Schreckengost's terra cotta sculpture won first prize at the third Architectural Cermanic Sculpture Competition. In order to build the addition which houses the auditorium an orchard of apple trees had to be cleared. The trees were believed to have been planted by Johnny Appleseed. This fact may have been the inspiration for Schreckengost. You can read more about Viktor Schreckengost is sometimes referred to as America's DaVinci by visiting the Viktor Schreckengost Foundation website.

Today's post is the first of a series of weekly posts which will feature the schools of Lakewood.

07 September 2008

on the road

Normally on sundays I post a snap of a local Lakewood house of worship. however, this Sunday I'm on the road. Currently I am in metro DC, which I have observed is the epicenter of vanity license plates. When I saw that I had this snap fromLakewood with me, I though it was a good substitute for my usual sunday church door photo - it was taken in Lakewood, gets in God, and even connects with where I am now!

06 September 2008

bar stools on detroit

Bar2 is located at 15625 Detroit Avenue.

from kate ofLakewood's review:
Bar2 is styled to be a downtownesque night club in the heart of Lakewood. Bar2 has two rooms--a fire room with restaurant seating, a seperate bar, couches and a fireplace, and an ice room--with a larger bar, DJ and a dance floor.

05 September 2008

great crates

crates on the back of the red wagon farms truck at lakewood's wednesday farmer's market. the farmer's market continues from 11 to 2 on wednesdays until october 1st. to see information about all the north union farmer's markets in the greater cleveland area visit here.

04 September 2008

a convergence of b

at my main mousehole I'm celebrating the alphabet during the month of september to mark back to school. the other day while walking to the local 7-11 (oh thank heaven's for 7-11!) this convergence of b things tickled my photographer's eye.... how many b's can you find.

03 September 2008

one big tree

there are big threes and then there are BIG trees. this tree is quite simply enormous and the fact that it is thriving on one of lakewood's residential streets and not in some park is even that much more amazing. the plaque on tree identifies it as a white oak and has named it the 'moses cleaveland tree' in honor of the first settlers. if you are curious as to what the plaque says, click on the picture to the right it will enlarge.

I wonder how many birds and squirrels can make nests in a tree the size of this one? I did see quite a few squirrels scampering about .....

02 September 2008

fashionable friends

I encounter this fashionable duo last week during my daily constitutional. I thought they had a very unique sense of fashion and seemed as if they were good buds. I ran into them as they were heading out for their evening's entertainment at one of the watering holes along madison avenue. as with the two friends I featured last week, I wondered if they coordinated they outfits before heading out!

01 September 2008

september theme day: sister city

I could not discover if lakewood, ohio has any official sister cities - I discovered that lakewood, colorado has several. however, I am not dissuaded from playing in city daily photo's theme day and have declared dublin, ireland as lakewood's sister city.

like many areas on cleveland's west side, lakewood has a large and proud irish community and then, there's the fact that we have an incredible number of irish bars - I haven't seen so many irish bars since I ivisited dublin. so in this spirit (and the fact that today is a holiday) I believe it is fitting that I dub dublin as our sister city.


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