02 March 2009

bon appetit!

If you are having a yearning for good Indian Food, India Garden located at 18405 Detroit is the place to go.

Last week a friend and I went for their lunch buffet a wonderful way to satisfy one's craving for the spices and flavors of India. Even though we arrived at 2:15, just a few minutes before lunch 'officially' ended, the staff was not at reluctant in making sure there was fresh rice and fresh nan to accompany the entrees and side dishes available. Sometimes when you arrive at a place just before a lunch buffet 'ends' the staff is put out or perhaps they are nice enough but they seem uninterested in making sure you have the opportunity to try everything. Not so at India Garden not only was the entire staff friendly they wanted to make sure we didn't want for anything.

But don't just try India Garden for lunch, for dinner the chefs offer some wonderful specials! The chef will adjust spicy-ness of a dish to your preferences. Oh, did I mention along with being a treat for the taste buds, inside the decor of the restaurant is a feast for the eyes.


Marianna said...

I love indian food. When I was in Manchester we used to go to the curry-mile (a road filled with indian restaurants for every taste and pocket!).

thanks for bringing back memories with this post!

take care
peace and love

R.L. Bourges said...

hm...let's...see...I'll start with paapadum and oh, one samosa maybe. Then....hmm...hum... oh yeah... no...oh here we go: aaloo saag, Toor daal, saffron rice and raita.

No dessert, no really, oh...ok, just a bit of carrot halwa, maybe? mit a spot of tea. aaahhhh.

Merci, kimy! (boy, I'm hungry now, better go eat myself someting!)

Jacob said...

This is the kind of photo that makes one smile. And it's so wonderful to find a restaurant where the food is good and the staff really cares.


K. said...

Twelve?! Twelve?!?! It was 64 here today.

One of the great side benefits of working in the high tech biz is getting turned onto Indian food. And if you are lucky enough to live in the same town as a major high tech employer, it's even better: Point your car in a random direction, drive for 5-10 minutes, and you'll come to a good Indian restaurant.

Greensboro Daily said...

Great balance in that photo. And that wall color feels as if you are wrapped in spices. It is always nice to recognize the great people and places on the city photo blogs. If we ever make it to Lakewood, India Garden will be tops on our list.

Did you notice yourself taking the picture in the far corner of the mirror?

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