05 October 2010

tag tuesday

Based on the tag and stickers on "Dan's" jeep, one would could say he's a real fish out of water - or would that be a gator out of water?


Gianni said...

Boy, oh boy! Speaking of water, that thing looks like it was dredged up from the bottom of sea! One good pot hole and Dan's going to be left holding nothing but the steering wheel.

Kimy, that's not a Jeep. It's an AM General. Judging by the right hand steering, it probably used to be a postal delivery vehicle. And, a precursor to the AM General's "Hummer".

And if it didn't have the Florida Gator decal, you might have interpreted it to be "Larry The Cable Guy's" "Git-er-done!" Hee Hee!

Mike Litvin said...

Gianni has said it all.