16 January 2011

Sunday Season Series: Marina WINTER

The Snap has two different Sunday season series underway - one is the view of the Hillard Bridge and the other is the view from the Detroit Avenue Bridge of the Emerald Necklace Marina.

Today photos of how the Marina and this part of the Rocky River look in winter. The photo above was taken around 9:30 this morning - the sun is out, but baby its cold outside. The thermometer is currently registering 16 degrees, but it feels colder.

I wanted to update the series last week and I took a shot from my usual spot last Saturday (1/8/11). Although the sky is more typical of winter on the North Coast- cloudy - the photo didn't do it for me. I should share both views - the view, as with life, comes with both sunshine and clouds.

To see the view from the bridge in the autumn click here, for summer click here.

There's been quite a bit of progress on the luxury condominiums on the Rocky River side of the river - perhaps come spring they will be finished.


Gianni said...

Beautiful shot, Kimy!

It would appear that maybe someone(s) were ice fishing? Can you figure out those holes down below?

Mike Litvin said...

Wonderful pictures..Sure shows the different seasons. Too bad the summers don't last for a longer time.
Better hope the guy on the bobtail in Saturday's picture doesn't slid onto the ice. By the way what is the price for the Ice Condos?

Mike Litvin said...

Just found out the selling price of Ice Condos start at 725,000 to 849,000.

gloriousdecadence said...

I love this view of the marina. When I was growing up in Lakewood, we had a 16' Lyman outboard named "Where Away" -- my father liked nautical terms. One year we had it docked where those new condos are, and to get there, we boarded a little row boat on the Lakewood side, and my father pulled us across the river on an underwater chain. The land on that side was marshy and unpleasant and without vehicular access. On the Lakewood side was a bait shop and a ramp for launching small boats, as I recall.