12 May 2011

BoC 2011: Lakewood #1

Just in case anyone missed last month's Scene Magazine annual Best of Cleveland edition no worries! Starting today the Snap will randomly highlight the dozens of 'awards' Lakewood received this year.

#1 Best Suburb: Lakewood
There's a new energy coursing through Cleveland's western neighbor these days. It's an energy derived from residents young and old who share a determination to celebrate their city's countless virtues. Nowhere in Northeast Ohio do so many cultures mesh so harmoniously as they do in Lakewood. It's the perfect gathering place thanks in no small part to its wonderful restaurants, its rollicking bars and clubs, and its quirky small businesses that line every major street. And it's the perfect home thanks to its bountiful and hardy old houses and apartments, for its overachieving schools, its bucolic parks, and its pervasive sense of neighborhood pride and unity. Onelakewood.com

(photos by the snap, text by the scene)

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