22 July 2011

par excellance

In April 3 Birds, one of Lakewood's premier restaurants, changed ownership. However, unless you read about the change you may not have noticed anything different - the food is still fantastic and the service remains superb!

The new owners are Mickey Krivosh (seen to the right flanked by friends and patrons Kathy and Mary Beth) and his son Ryan - who happen to own another Lakewood eating establishment that is just around the corner - in fact, their other establishment is named Around the Corner (ATC). Mickey opened ATC in 1974 and in since its founding Mickey and his team have turned ATC into a Lakewood institution.

Perhaps I was mistaken earlier, actually if you look closely may notice some changes - the courtyard which has always been attractive is now gorgeous! Fortunately the stellar staff has stayed!

The biggest change is yet to come - under the conditions of the sale, previous owner James Bell required that by September the Krivoshes change the name of the restaurant. In true Mickey style, Mickey has turned this into a community project. There is a contest and the prize for the person (or persons) who provide the winning name - dinner for two and a bottle of wine. Word has it that the contest will be ending soon; it will take time to develop a new logo and switch everything over!

Whether you are celebrating a special occasion or just wanting a treat for all the senses I always say 3 Birds is the place to go. Along with food (to live for) the restaurant has a full service bar offering all sorts of special cocktails and a wonderful selection of wine and beer.

3 Birds is located at 18515 Detroit Avenue and is opens at 5 PM for dinner Monday through Saturday.

For me it's just all about the food - and what glorious food there is! The food is so attractive, I can't help but snap away. Below is a wee slide show of some of the dishes from my last three trips to 3 Birds this summer. Oh, and did I mention the food tastes even better than it looks!


Gianni said...

I'm confused. If Mickey opened the place in 1974 and it's changing ownership - but Mickey still owns it? (This time I read everything, didn't just look at the pics)

Where can we get more info on the contest?

mouse (aka kimy) said...

mickey now owns 2 places. mickey opened around the corner in 1974 (and still owns it) in april he purchased 3 birds - he is the NEW OWNER with his son ryan of 3 birds.

to fill out a form suggesting a new name, drop in for a drink or a bite, or simply soak in the ambiance, find inspiration and then ask for an entry form.

mouse (aka kimy) said...

p.s. i think to name something one must know something - hence why i suggest people interested in participating in the contest to visit!

for friends who live away who are familiar with 3 birds and would like to enter the contest, i suggest a simple phone call to 3 birds and ask who ever answers the phone how one can suggest a new name!!

Gianni said...

Thanks for the clarity...