29 April 2011

skywatch friday

Clouds, clouds, and more clouds - pretty much characterizes our sky these days.

There's something about that 'out of order' sticker on the sign that grabbed my attention.

To see more photos of the sky around the world visit here!

28 April 2011

random snap: busytown

Wow - putting new gutters on a house - especially a tall house is quite a production. These guys work fast, I was hoping to see them actually attaching the gutter onto the house when I came back after running my errands, but an hour later, the gutters were up and they were done and gone!

Good to have good gutters these days given all the rain we are having!

26 April 2011

tag tuesday

Really! Is this something one wants the world to know? I guess we can make the case that if the driver's condition effects her driving, then well thanks - forewarned is forearmed.

Or maybe PMS stands for something other than this or maybe it's a code!

25 April 2011

random snap

Only the most astute and observant viewer will see the irony and humor in this photo. I'll give the back story should anyone actually figure out what I'm referring to!

24 April 2011

Here's To You Mrs. Robinson Part 1

I looked out my window earlier this week and saw this robin gathering grass to make a nest in the eaves of my neighbor's house.

She made quite a bit of progress in the last five days.

Here, she's checking the fit.

And here, she appears to be checking me out!

Come back and visit on Sundays to see more of her progress and birthing!

22 April 2011

go green - grow greens!

It seems fitting to celebrate Earth Day with a visit to an urban market farm right here in Lakewood!

Two years ago Eric Stoffer and Annabel Khouri established Bay Branch Farm on two adjoining properties which they own in Lakewood's historic Birdtown neighborhood. I had the pleasure of meeting and talking with Eric on Sunday, Annabel wasn't there, so I look forward to meeting her on another visit to the farm.

Annabel and Eric spent the first year getting the soil in perfect condition - which in addition to adding some missing nutrients (read wonderful organic matter - otherwise known as compost) it also meant removing a ton of rock and stone. Last year they were ready to roll - or I should I say, ready to grow! And grow they did - last year Bay Branch had a stand at Lakewood's Saturday Farmers Market and also participated in the city's LEAF nights.

This year they are still growing - along with the two outlets mentioned above they also have Bay Branch a la farm carte - a version of Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) - click on link for more information. This spring they added a hoop house to which will extend and expand the farm's growing season. Along with being assisted by human friends, Eric and Annabel are also aided by our friendly and favorite pollinators - the noble and humble honeybee.

By the way, the honeybee hive is a totally green habitat - Eric and his father built the hive from a wood from a tree that had fallen on property at Eric's uncle's home. Eric's uncle then planed the wood for Eric to use in the hive.

Eric checks out the progress of some arugula and explains the many benefits of the woven cover.

Keep up on happenings at Bay Branch farm by checking out their website - last week I added their blog to the Snap's blogroll, so keeping up will be a snap! By the way, the blog has some great vids on the construction of the hoop house.

21 April 2011

simply divine

Seven years ago Lou McClung started a labor of love which has resulted in the establishment of a new museum in Lakewood - The Museum of Divine Statues. The museum opened on Sunday, April 10th, just in time for Easter - perhaps the holiest season for Christians.

Over the last several years Lou has established himself as a guardian angel to broken and abandoned religious statues. He has rescued scores of statues from the obscurity of second hand shops and closed churches. With an artist's hand and eye he lovingly and pain-painstakingly restores the statues to their former beauty and glory. In addition to restoring the statues, Lou serves as the curator to the museum.

Assisting Lou at the museum are Lou's mother Lucy McClung and his stepfather Eddie Schwertner who happily strike a pose when I dropped by on Sunday.

Lou was also at the museum when I dropped by and was friendly and eagerly answered all my questions. Along with being a restoration artist Lou is also a photographer and as with many photographers he prefers being behind the lens instead of in front of it. For once I didn't pull out my standard "resistance is futile" response and respected Lou's wishes.

I asked Lou which is his favorite statue. Without hesitation Lou said it is the Crucifixion Tableau (below) which was made in Italy by Daprato and is made from Botticino marble. This amazing and powerful piece once lived in Cleveland's St. Lawrence Church.

The museum is open on Sundays from 12:00 to 5:00 PM and by appointment for school and other groups. The museum is located at 12905 Madison Avenue.

I was blown away by the gorgeous restoration of the statuary and by the restored and renewed splendor of the former St. Hedwig Church. In just a few short months the church as been thoroughly transformed into a peaceful and reflective sanctuary celebrating statuary art and Cleveland's rich church history.

To find out more about the museum and to learn about how the museum is preserving statues by the history of Cleveland's Catholic churches, visit the museum's website.

19 April 2011

tag tuesday

Great Scott or would that be Great Scout.....given the Jeep it could be the latter!

18 April 2011

I like!

Just about a month ago the Snap announced the opening of La Plaza, a new supermarket specializing in Hispanic food essentials and everyday grocery staples.

La Plaza is a wonderful addition to the neighborhood With their great assortment of peppers, tortillas and cheeses - I'm having a lot of fun creating new concoctions for the inside of quesadillas - which now have replaced grilled cheese sandwiches as my main fall back item when I haven't given any thought as to what to have for dinner.

On Saturday and Sundays you can find Bernie, one of the store's manger, staffing the in-store taco stand. The taco stand generally serves up yummy taco goodness from noon to 5 on weekends!

La Plaza is now on Facebook - a great way to see what's happening and what special items are featured that day or week.

15 April 2011

skywatch friday

I never tire of watching the sky reflected off the windows of Grace Presbyterian Church.

To see more photos of the sky around the world visit here!

14 April 2011

new digs!

Kathy's Creative Sewing Center has moved! Kathy's Zagar and the rest of the creative crew can now be found at 1387 Sloane Avenue - conveniently located next to the Blackbird Bakery in the annex of the River Colors Studio.

According to Kathy, since Lakewood's Joann Fabric Store has closed, Kathy's will be expanding what their inventory of notions and other sewing essentials (e.g. thread, batting, etc). Don't be shy telling Kathy if you have any specials needs - I wasn't shy about mentioning my preference for cotton batting!

The Center offers a variety of sewing classes for people of all ages. For the last year Kathy's has been in partnership with Catholic Charities of Cleveland as a training center for refugees from Nepal and Kerin. I don't know about you but this makes my heart feel good!

The shop is open Tuesday & Wednesday 11 -6; Thursday 11 -8; and Saturday 10 -4

For more information click here or call 216.221.6300

12 April 2011

tag Tuesday

Does the plate mean, if lost return to 59th Street?

Or maybe the driver is just feeling groovy and the plate is a reference to Simon and Garfunkle's 1966 song!

11 April 2011

random snaps

Spring arrived! or maybe it is more accurate to say SUMMER. Yesterday's temperatures reached into the low 80s in the Cleveland area.

Our local Rocky River Reservation was teaming with activity.

Heavy bicycle traffic on the Valley Parkway.

Excessive erosion along the hillside has closed vehicular through traffic on Hogsback Lane for the foreseeable future.

I was hoping to hear the chorus of some northern spring peepers, but all the woodland water we walked by was surprisingly silent.

Whatever disappointment I may have had from not hearing peeper activity was more than offset by a sighting of a Great Horned Owl in her nest. According to Carol, who turned us on to the nest, there are two owlets also in there - but they must have been shy as they didn't pop their heads up.

Speaking of birds, there were lots of birds riding the thermals - such as the red-tailed hawk above who is joined by a seagull.

Regarding soaring birds, can anyone identify the bird below? I'm stumped! The wings are so long I thought maybe it's a heron - but no long legs. Perhaps it is some type of hawk or falcon.
7 photos today - oops! I guess I got carried away!! Sorry!!

10 April 2011

Sunday Season Series: Marina (early) SPRING

If you look closely there are signs of spring - the grass is greening up quite nicely and there is a the lightest haze of color on some of the trees indicating that budding is underway.

Today's temperature is rise to the high-70s!! This might be just the jolt we need to get those reluctant trees to pop out !

The photo was taken around 6:30 in the evening yesterday, April 9th - the sun is getting low in the west, but it was far from setting. Right now the sun sets around 8 p.m. - I just love these longer days, don't you?

Marina in winter, in autumn, and in summer.

08 April 2011

books + baseball = fun

The library is batting in the season with a spring time reading club for kids during the month of April. To hit a home run all children need to do is read for twenty hours (or twenty books) during the month and fill out the formed supplied by the library - at the conclusion of the month, players receive two tickets to a Lake Erie Crushers game.

Play Ball! or would that be Read Books!!

07 April 2011

psa: baby bargain bonanza

Needing to upgrade those wheels for the baby or perhaps get some great bargains on gently used baby and children's items? If so, head on over to Lakewood's Emerson Elementary School this Saturday, April 9th, from 9 AM to 1 PM.

The Lakewood Early Childhood PTA will be holding a resale extravaganza - admission is $5 from 9 AM to 10 AM and $1 from 10 AM to 1 PM. Proceeds from the sale will benefit programs sponsored by the LEC PTA.

Emerson Elementary School is located at 13439 Clifton Blvd.

For more info on this sale and a list of other Spring resale events in the area click here.

04 April 2011

goodness galore!

If you haven't heard there is a wonderful new addition to the Lakewood boutique/gallery shop scene - Crafty Goodness. Crafty Goodness opened its doors in early March. It is filled with a delightful and eclectic collection of hand crafted items - inside is something for everyone and for every type of gift giving occasion.

The shop which is owned by Chris Sorensen and Matthew and Joanna Orgovan is an outgrowth of their work with the Cleveland Craft Coalition. The store features the work of local artists - and only local artists - sixty-three artists to be exact (at least that was the count when I last dropped in).

Although the shop has been open for a month it will be celebrating its GRAND OPENING this Saturday, April 9th from 9 am to 9 pm.

In addition to selling unique, handcrafted items, the shop also hosts classes, workshops and demonstrations to help everyone can tap into their inner artist. For information of classes drop in to the store or check out the list on their website.

Crafty Goodness is located at 15621 Madison Avenue. 216.226.4880

Hours: Monday - Friday 12 PM - 9 PM
Saturday 9 AM - 9 PM
Sunday 12 PM - 5 PM

01 April 2011

random snaps

Have you ever wondered where to get a real milkshake in town? Word has it that the place to go is the local United Dairy Farmers (UDF) market on Detroit Avenue.

Monday a visiting friend and I went in search for a milkshake for her daughter - never having ordered a milkshake at any area establishment, I had no idea where to go. I associate milkshakes with hamburgers so off we went to Five Guys . Apparently, they didn't get the memo on burgers and shakes -- no shakes on their menu. However, a helpful young man behind the counter suggested that we head to UDF he claimed they have the best shakes in town. Well, who was I to argue!

We trekked right over to UDF. Inside UDF is a bright, friendly place - combo ice cream parlor and convenience store. Jackie who was working the counter that day fixed us right up! Shakes at UDF are the real deal - no weird chemically enhanced milk products like one might find at some of those unnamed fast food restaurants. By the way, Lucy gave the shake a thumbs up!