26 January 2012

gone fishin'

More photos from Sunday's stroll about the Rocky River Reservation. I love watching and talking with the anglers who fish the river. No matter what the season - or the weather - you can always find people fishing the river. On Sunday the anglers had a beautiful winter day.

I learned that this is the time of year to fish for steelhead trout. I also learned the easiest way to distinguish female steelhead from a male steelhead - the key is the jaw, the male has a longer jawbone which ends up somewhat knobby compared to the smooth lower jaw of the female

Understandably and wisely there are a few rules and regulations that govern fishing in the Metroparks. The first is that one must possess a current fishing permit - to learn about obtaining a permit to fish in the Metroparks go here. Another rule pertains to the size of the fish - in terms of trout and salmon the regulations require that if a fish is less than 12 inches long it must be released unharmed - immediately!

As you will note the fish that I saw caught on Sunday were much bigger than 12 inches - the largest of the four I saw was a female trout which came in at 28 inches - the smallest of the other three was a respectable 25 inches!


Steffe said...

Just like you I find it interesting to talk to the anglers and ice fishers. And now they will have another fishing story to tell, when they were photographed!

Mike Litvin said...

I fished that area when the cars still drove over the crossing.
The bridge in the backround wasn't even bulit.

Gianni said...

I remember the same thing, Mike. I was with my buddy Bob "Skip" Padfield and he was teaching me to fish. I can't remember the type of fish he caught but they're flat and boney. We threw them back.

Kimy, I drive through the Valley everyday and have never seen anyone with a catch. Great photos!

Mike Litvin said...

Those fish to best of my knowledge where suckers.
I used trible hooks to catch them or some people called it snaging the fish.
Yes we always threw them back.