09 January 2012

random snap

You may recall seeing this yard from a snap posted this summer - during the summer and fall I enjoyed walking by this front yard garden and watching the progress of the garden and its bounty.

In the late fall, the committed gardener who lives in the house put in a cold frame greenhouse to continue the growing season.

Below is a snap I took on December 1, the addition of bales of straw offer extra insulation from the elements now that it seems as if winter may have finally arrived .


Mike Litvin said...

Looking at the greenhouse they have built reminds me of the green houses that where on the corner of Hillard and Wooster next to the Shell Station in the early sixites. I worked at the Shell Station there and would watch the people at work in the greenhouse.
Gianni you should remember the greenhouses.

Gianni said...

I vaguely remember. What corner were they on, to jog my memory.

Right now, on the southwest is a kiddy nursery. On the southeast is Joe's Deli (used to be Kentucky Fried).

On the northeast is just a bridge over the I-90 freeway.

I think they were on the northeast, yes?

Mike Litvin said...

Northwest corner, Silver Dollar Shell owner Joe Washko.

Mom said...

wow Mindi...that really nice hon, I can see those beans a climbing already or is that for grapes?