02 February 2012

lakewood gothic*

I finally met the gardener who tends in the wonderful urban garden we've featured a couple times here on the Snap. Her name is Mindi - she moved to Lakewood four years ago from the South (not New York!).

Of course most of our conversation dealt with the incredibly mild winter we've had so far. Tuesday when we met the high was 60 degrees! We also talked about how it seems that the mild winter has really extended the growing season. This conversation is consistent with an article I read about the overall pattern of warming in the U.S. has the plant zones moving north.

It's official: Gardeners and farmers can count on warmer weather. If that's you, it might be a good time to rethink those flower and vegetable beds for this year's growing season.

That's the word from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, which released a new version of its "Plant Hardiness Zone Map" this week, the first update since 1990. The color-coded zones on this map of the United States are widely used as a guide for what perennial flowers will survive in a particular area, or when to plant your vegetables.

You can find the entire article here along with seeing maps and links to the updated zone map.

*ode to Grant Wood's classic American Gothic - which is so called because of the style of the home in the background.


tut-tut said...

Impressive! It's spurring me on to get busy at the patch.

Gianni said...

When Mindi's not looking, I'm going get some lettuce and make me a BLT.

Shouldn't that photo have a man with round glasses standing next to her?

Mindi Schwab (The Hilliard/Mars Gardener) said...

You can have a salad Gianni.... even if I am not looking.... Remember to clip the outer leaves and leave the little ones in the centers to grow again, we pride ourselves on "Southern hospitality" even though we moved north... Stop by sometime especially when everything is replanted in the summer... I'd be glad to show you around... :D

USA_Rebel said...

This is a increadibe girl..god bless her and everything she dose. She put's more effort into things than most of us would ever do.

Gianni said...


I will certainly take you up on your hospitality. Thank you. I'll bring the bacon bits and a vinaigrette.

I really need to get my garden growing again. I have a big back yard. I love fresh tomatoes, zucchini and herbs.

See you soon.

Betty R Thomas said...

The best part of Mindi's garden is that it's ORGANIC!Mindi and Dan her husband are Vegetarians...they eat only the highest quality of foods that grow...its quite a process to get all the things together and a lot of work to keep it going into the winter months, She is a special lady. She does everything with great detail. Mindi's Mom,
Betty R Thomas

Gianni said...


You are a very proud mom. I'm going to take up Mindi's offer when summer comes around. I drive by her garden every day but didn't know what it was until Kimy posted it on the Lakewood Daily Snap.