05 March 2012

still going....

I was surprised last week to find Blockbuster still open - I popped in and learned that the store's original closing date of mid-February was pushed to late-March.

Along with being surprised that they were still open, I was really surprised on how much inventory is still there - hundreds (maybe thousands) of DVD's and Blue-Rays are still on shelves. This time I walked down the new DVD aisles and found two of my favorite films (The Usual Suspects and Do the Right Thing) waiting for me - snagged them for the home film library. Got both for less than ten bucks.

The prices continue to fall - and will so until the store closes for good.

The address for Blockbuster is 15316 Detroit Avenue, phone 216.529.1600


Gianni said...

Those computers are dinosaurs! Probably found them when the glacier melted... LOL!

Randy Noseworthy said...

Gianni, even if the computers are old, if they're doing their job, why upgrade? An operational C=64 or IBM PCjr and printer could still write a document.

But, with $35-25 computers (Raspberry PI) coming out, I think they could save on their electric bill what the cost of an hardware upgrade would cost.

IF they were to stay open.

Gianni said...

Good friend Randy,

I didn't say anything about whether they worked or being upgraded. Just what they looked like. Did you notice that one doesn't have a cash drawer? Hee Hee!

Check out the Nazi frying pan on Seeing Things.