27 April 2012

skywatch friday

A shadow and sand portrait of me and my honey taken on the beach of Edgewater Park - above us a dramatic April sky and in the distance the Cleveland skyline.

Technically Edgewater Park is technically in Cleveland not Lakewood, but unlike Lakewood Park, Edgewater offers a sandy beach and water access for swimming and surfing! 

Yep, you read that right - there is surfing in Cleveland Ohio - in fact, there is a documentary aptly named OUT OF PLACE: the unlikely story of surfing in Cleveland, Ohio that made the film festival circuit last year and is now available as a DVD.  To learn more about surfing in Cleveland and watch a trailer for the movie, go here

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23 April 2012

picture this

Tucked along a quiet block of Madison is Custom Picture Framing, Patty and Mark Jenks frame shop and art gallery.
Whenever I need artwork to be  professionally framed this is the place I go - the quality of work is unsurpassed.

In addition to quality, fast, and reasonably priced custom framing,  the shop also offers gallery space.   Currently  the exhibit space is showcasing Lakewood artist Wendy Mahon's rich and vibrant batiks.  Wendy's work is beautiful and is for sale, but hurry on down - the show ends May 5th. 
Custom Picture Framing is located at 15723 Madison Avenue and is open 10 am - 5 pm, closed Sunday and Wednesday.

20 April 2012

skywatch friday

Looking north from the Emerald Necklace Marina - past the trestle bridge is the mouth of the Rocky River and Lake Erie.

This week the gift shop and bait shop opened at the marina and today the Sweetwater Landing Grill opens!

Calm spring sky.

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19 April 2012

PSA: road closed!

Okay fellow - what part of Road Closed do you not understand.

This is why Hogsback Lane is closed to vehicular traffic. Let me add, that the road is open to bikes and pedestrians as long as caution is taken - as one of those pedestrians let me say I love that cars and trucks are prohibited - it makes the lane ever so peaceful.

As for Mr. "I don't have to follow no friggin' signs", he finally got the message (however, I watched him eying the upper barricade for almost 5 minutes obviously trying to figure out if there was a way around it - as there is a way around the barrier at the bottom of the road.)

By the way, based on the lack of progress in terms of repairing the road, I expect Hogsback Lane will be closed for quite some time. This may be an inconvenience to some in terms of accessing or leaving the Rocky River Reservation, but for this nature lover, all I can say is Yippee!!

17 April 2012

Tag Tuesday

Does he fix it? Fax it? Or does he do special effects?
Only the Montero knows...

16 April 2012


Last September on the Snap we mentioned that the city would be putting up new traffic lights along Detroit Avenue, Lakewood's main drag. After many months of measuring and digging up the streets, it finally seems as if the project may finally be in its final stages! Yippee!

When done there will be new traffic signals at fourteen different intersections along Detroit Avenue - the wired signals will be gone and will be replaced with a system of synchronized pole signals.

These photos were taken on 4 April, note that along with the new traffic signals finally going up, Rozi's Wine House's new sign is also finally up - think that calls for another Yippee!

13 April 2012

Skywatch Friday

Dark inky stratocumulus clouds rolled over Rocky River Valley and our fair city dropping rain in an easterly path along the way.
To the south one can see the sky remained clear!
After a few minutes of a heavy downpour, the sky became blue again.

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12 April 2012

unreal estate

Need a Quonset hut? If so look no further - there's a hut for sale on the corner of Scenic St. and Detroit Road in the far western edge of Lakewood. I stumbled on this unique piece of architecture the other day while exploring that section of the city.

I spoke to a gentleman who lives near the property and asked him what the skinny was on the Quonset hut - turns out he actually checked in to the property a while back, thinking it might be an asset to own, but at the time the asking price was much more than he was willing to pay.

If his memory was correct, at $160,000 the hut seems pricey to me also; especially considering that the cute house below, on a nearby street is for sale for just $115,000!

Of course it is probably a matter of zoning - the Quonset hut is a business property opposed to a residential.

09 April 2012

college town!

Okay, Lakewood isn't really a college town - even though we do have a lot of residents who are attending various schools of higher education in the greater Cleveland area and the city has a reputation for an active social scene because of the plethora of bars, restaurants, and coffee shops located along the city's main drags.

However, Lakewood is now home to satellite facility of the University of Akron.

According to the University of Akron website:
The University of Akron Lakewood is a state-of-the-art facility offering the finest tech-enhanced and tech-supported community space in the city. It consists of three state-of-the-art distance-learning classrooms, a testing center, a community meeting room, a fully loaded conference room, administrative offices and a student lounge.

Students will have access to all UA resources, including regional education and local community partnerships.
From perusal of the website, the new University of Akron Lakewood location will be a great asset to not only people seeking a college degree but to anyone who is committed to lifelong learning. Check out the link above to see what is offered at UA-Lakewood.

Programs are not limited to adults, this summer the facility will be offering a Chinese Summer Camp for 7th - 12th grade students (July 16-20) whereby the kids will learn about Chinese language, art, history, sports and calligraphy and even take a field trip to Cleveland's own Asia Town. Click here for information about the week-long summer program.

UA-Lakewood is located in the recently renovated historic Baily Building on the corner of Detroit Avenue and Warren Road.

06 April 2012

skywatch friday

A simple cross sits atop the bell tower of the United Latvian Evangelical Lutheran Church on the corner of Detroit Avenue and Andrews Avenue in Lakewood.

I love the contrast of colors - there's the robin egg blue of the sky set off with soft white clouds, the reds of the brick and tile, and that unique blue green of the majestic spruces which flank the church's front walk.

If we cast our eyes down added to the mix is the fresh spring green of the lawn.

Happy Spring!

Wishes to all for a Happy Easter and Happy Passover weekend!

Head's up tonight as there will be a Full Pink Moon- one of the names for a full moon in April. Other names include Egg Moon and Full Sprouting Grass Moon.

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05 April 2012

play ball!

No need to wait for today's Cleveland Indians opening day - there is already plenty of action on ball fields around town.

Yesterday the Lakewood varsity girls fast-pitch softball team took on the Black Tigers from Cuyahoga Falls. Pitching for the Rangers is Allison Tuleta. Unfortunately the Tigers pulled away in the sixth inning, with a 4 to 2 victory over our Rangers.

Below some of the Lakewoodites who know where to go for a good time with when the sun is shining and ball season is in the air!

03 April 2012

tag tuesday

I wonder if the person who drives this car with the curious tag "IV INF" is in the health field -- only thing that comes to my mind is intravenous infusion.